District Square

Charles Company

Corner of Crenshaw & Rodeo
Los Angeles, CA

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Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Urban Retail Shopping Center

• 300,000 square feet on 2 levels w/roof top parking
• Market on Ground floor along with other retailers
• Second floor features several retailers

The KTGY Group will be the Architect of Record for a multi-level development with retail and parking on the ground level, retail on the second level, and parking on the roof. The Charles Company is the Design Architect. The primary structural frame will be cast-in-place and precast concrete, with metal stud and cement plaster secondary enclosure walls. The construction will be completed to a cold, grey shell level, with interior improvements and MEP systems the responsibility of the tenants. Because this is a multi-level development, vertical transportation is an important component of the project and it will include elevators, escalators and cartilators to handle the movement of people and shopping carts. Segregated ramping is provided in the design to accommodate both private vehicle access and service truck access. Shade/trellis structures at the roof level parking will provide shade and landscaping opportunities as well as support for photovoltaic systems to provide on-site power generation. Enclosures for mechanical equipment are on the roof level, with vertical shafts provided for tenant installed HVAC, vent, and refrigeration systems.